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Welcome to our new News & Events page!  Here will be bringing together all of our most up to date information on what we are doing, where we are going and how you can join us!  Feel free to join in the conversation through social media or by emailing us!

Valley Flaxflour Team

Car's made of Flax!!

Aug 13 2018

Who would have thought many years ago that they could make a car from flax. Have a read of this article. Read more

Jamie Oliver likes us! He really, really likes us!

Nov 06 2015

Well it has been a wirlwind of a week here at Valley Flaxflour Ltd! On October 27, 2015, Howard and his wife Wendy were invited, along with 8 other specially selected vendors, to participate in the Better Food Rally put on by Sobeys and Jamie Oli... Read more

Test Kitchen - Cherry Pie?

Aug 11 2015

Welcome to Valley Flaxflour's Test Kitchen! In our test kitchen we will reveal research & development both by Howard (who is also a Chef and Registered Dietition!) and me, Liz (who is definitely not a Chef or RD and generally is unfamiliar ... Read more

Exciting News! ALL of our products are gluten free according to Health Canada!

Jun 02 2015

As many readers may be aware, for some time now, we have had to label our mixes as 'Wheat Free - Contains Pure Oats' as Health Canada didn't recognize pure oats as gluten free.  We have only ever put pure oats (which are gluten free) in our m... Read more

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